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WES Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl 2019

Posted Date: 11/12/2019

WES Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl 2019

Wheatland Elementary

Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl Press Release

The annual Fifth grade Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl took place on Wednesday, November 6, 2019. The contest is open to students in Kansas, Nebraska, South and North Dakota. There were 19 5th grade teams and 22 6th grade teams for a total of 41 teams. A school trophy and individual ribbons are awarded to teams that place first place in both the 5th and 6th grade divisions. The quiz is a self-scoring, computer contest of 100 multiple-choice questions. Areas covered include math, geography, government, sports, spelling, science, literature, English, history, general information, and just plain fun trivia. It is meant to be a team activity with all takers looking at the Promethean board. There is a student at the computer to input the team’s answers. Two chances to answer correctly are given. Points are awarded based on how fast the question is answered, as well as on accuracy. No adult assistance is allowed! The 10 fifth grade selected students scored 1,122 points. They placed 1st in the Andover district, 1st in the Great Plains 5th grade competition, and 8th overall in the 5th and 6th grade Great Plains Division. District Team members include: Abby T., Isaac H., Maggie J., Brynn E., Lily R., Clark Y., Blake S., Bella B., Allison D., and Audrey E. Ms. Olsen, the Extended Learning Program Teacher, sponsors this activity. Congratulations to the Wheatland Elementary 5th grade Quiz Bowl Team.

Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl participants