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What is Reading Lab?



Reading Lab meets Monday-Thursday

Tier 2 students: 30 minutes each day

Tier 3 students: 60 minutes each day ( two 30 minute sessions)


Students may be identified to receive additional reading support provided by the reading lab staff. Placement is based on STAR data, DIBELS data, classroom reading data, and teacher input.

Reading interventions are based on assessment results and the student’s individual needs in the areas of the BIG FIVE reading skills: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Instruction is provided by our team in a small group setting using research-based curriculum and strategies. 

Your child’s progress is carefully monitored to ensure instruction is effective or to make a change in the current intervention. All groups are revisited every six weeks. Our schedule is carefully designed so students do not miss whole group classroom reading instruction or special events in their classrooms. 


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