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Typing Club

You'll need your Gmail email address and password to login.

Google Classroom

You'll need your Gmail email address and password to login.

Typing Websites

Need to practice your keyboarding skills?  Check out this website for a list of fun keyboarding games!

Everyday Math website

This website allows you to play all of the math games that we play in class, right from your home computer!  All you need is your username and password (which is in your agenda), and you can have fun while you brush up on your math skills.  Also, you can access an electronic version of the Student Reference Book (SRB), so if you forget to bring your SRB home, you can access it here!

Journeys website

As long as you have your username and password, you can access games, stories, and other activities that go along with our monthly theme!

World Book Encyclopedia (from home)

Want to login to World Book Encyclopedia at home?  If so, you’ll need the following login info:

username = andover385

password = worldbook

Study Island

This website has fun lessons and interactive games to get you ready for the state assessments!  You can practice math and reading concepts.  All you need is your username and password (in your agenda).

Enrichment Projects website

This is the website where you'll find a list of enrichment projects that you can do to earn extra 5th Funds!

Wichita Eagle

class ID = 4218
password = weswes

Spelling City

Need some extra spelling practice?  Go to this website to practice our weekly words!

World Book Encyclopedia

This is an excellent website to visit to get safe and appropriate research!

Internet 4 Classrooms

This interactive website allows you to practice math and language arts concepts for the state assessment through fun learning games!  The games for math and language arts are broken down by each standard, so you can focus on one specific skill at a time!  Happy playing!


This website features review games for all subjects, including keyboarding skills, Social Studies, math, science, and even fun holiday games!

Need a spelling challenge?

If you need a challenge in spelling and/or are preparing for the Wheatland Spelling Bee in January, here is a great website for practice!


Please check Powerschool frequently to stay up-to-date on your grades!  You'll need your PowerSchool username and password in order to access your information.  Parents and students have different logins.  Contact the school office if have lost or forgotten your username and password information.

Scholastic (book orders)

Click the link to order books directly from the Scholastic website.  You will need our classroom code, which is H6BYW.

Blendspace (math videos)

You'll need your Gmail email address and password to login.  You can view all the math videos here.

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