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Lesson Plans

This week in our classroom…

April 5-9




Unit 6 = Investigations in Measurement/

Decimal Multiplication & Division

In this unit, the students will multiply & divide decimals by powers of 10.  They investigate how patterns can be used to convert measurements in metric units, learn how line plots can be used to organize & analyze data, and explore finding volumes of figures that are not rectangular prisms.  The students will also multiply & divide decimals.

Monday = Adding & Subtracting Fractions review/Study Island

Tuesday = Multiplying & Dividing Fractions by Powers of 10

Wednesday = Converting Measurements

Thursday = Converting Measurements

Friday =  Line Plots

*Your child will typically have a math assignment each day. This assignment may or may not come home as homework, depending on whether or not your child completed it at school.*

Unit 6 Test = Fri., April 16











Language Arts

L14 1
L14 2
L14 3
L14 4

*Aside from reading a minimum of 20 minutes daily outside of school, your child will typically have a reading assignment each day. This assignment may or may not come home as homework, depending on whether or not your child completed it at school.  It will be on the back side of the math assignment.*

Lesson 14 reading/spelling tests = Tues., April 13






Opinion Writing!

Our current unit of study in writing is opinion writing!  The students will be writing an opinion essay on a topic of their choice, sharing their opinion using the tips the following tips!






Social Studies

Colonial America

Colonial America

In this unit, we're fast-forwarding about 100 years to the time when England was the most powerful country in the world.  The “new world” was no longer a secret, and England was jealous that Spain was acquiring so much new land.  So, England started settling colonies along the Atlantic coast, which grew into 13 thriving English colonies.  We’ll discuss why people decided to leave England for the “new land” and the effects their decisions had on the Native Americans.

The Social Studies focus in 5th grade is history.  After our explorer unit, we’ll move on to Colonial America, American Revolution, and the new United States.  We’ll finish the year discussing the U.S. Constitution and how the “new” government in the late 1700s compares to today’s government!

Colonial America quiz = TBD













Web of Life
Ecosystems & the Food Web

food web

This unit on ecology helps students develop the idea that plants, animals, and fungi form a system of interdependent parts, with each part dependent on the other parts for its material nourishment. By the end of the unit, teachers will be able to guide their students to the conclusion that organic matter is cycling through the living world. 

Mystery Unit Starter = Ecosystem Design & Modeling
Life Inside a Dome

Mystery #1 = Food Chains, Predators, Herbivores, & Carnivores
Why would a hawk move to New York City?

Mystery #2 = Plant Needs: Air & Water
What do plants eat?

Mystery #3 = Decomposers & Matter Cycle
Where do fallen leaves go?

Mystery #4 = Decomposers, Nutrients, & Matter Cycle
Do worms really eat dirt?

Mystery #5 = Ecosystems & Matter Cycle
Why do you have to clean a fish tank but not a pond?

Mystery #6 = Food Webs & Flow of Energy
Why did the dinosaurs go extinct?

Performance Task = Ecosystem Argument
How could we grow food on Mars?

Web of Life test = Mon., April 12


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