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This week in our classroom...

January 20-24


Unit 5 = Operations with Fractions

In this unit, students deepen their understanding of fractions and develop strategies for adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with unlike denominators.  They also connect fraction-of thinking to multiplication and generalize a fraction multiplication algorithm.  Finally, students are introduced to fraction division.


Unit 1-4 cumulative assessment

Mid-Year Assessment

5.1 = Using Equivalent Fractions to Find Common Denominators

5.2 = More Strategies for Finding Common Denominators


*Your child will typically have a math assignment each day. This assignment may or may not come home as homework, depending on whether or not your child completed it at school.  It will be on the back side of the reading assignment.*

Unit 5 Test = TBD

Language Arts

Number the Stars
A Class Novel Study

     We are stepping away from our normal routine to participate in a class novel study.
     The chosen book is Number the Stars by Lois Lowry.  This is a historical fiction novel set back in 1940s Denmark.  It details the escape of a Jewish family from Copenhagen during WWII in order to evade the Holocaust.  We will finish up our novel study by watching the movie Miracle at Midnight.
     Our next Journeys unit will be Unit 3Revolution!

     Grammar:  During our novel study, we will review/practice the grammar skills learned so far this year.  Also, the kids will complete a daily language review, which focuses on grammar skills.
     Spelling:  Spelling grades will be primarily taken from the students writing.  Examples include a writing piece not spell-checked on a computer, written answers on a math assignment, etc.

Aside from reading a minimum of 20 minutes daily outside of school, your child will typically have a reading assignment each day. This assignment may or may not come home as homework, depending on whether or not your child completed it at school.  It will be on the back side of the math assignment.*


Social Studies

Colonial America

Coming soon!

The Social Studies focus in 5th grade is history.  Major units of study include the Native Americans, European Explorers, Colonial America, American Revolution, and the new United States.  We’ll finish the year discussing the U.S. Constitution and how the “new” government in the late 1700s compares to today’s government!

Colonial America test = TBD


Chemical Magic
Chemical Reactions & Properties of Matter

This unit helps students develop the concepts of “substances” and “chemical reactions.”  Students see that chemical reactions enable us to make new materials by transforming the ones we have.  The results of these reactions are interesting and sometimes profoundly useful.


Anchor Phenomenon: Argument from Evidence
Disappearing Gargoyles

Mystery #1 = Introduction to Chemistry
Are magic potions real?

Mystery #2 = Particulate Nature of Matter
Could you transform something worthless into gold?

Mystery #3 = Acids, Reactions, & Properties of Matter
What would happen if you drank a glass of acid?

Mystery #4 = Chemical Reactions
What do fireworks, Silly Putty, and rubber have in common?

Mystery #5 = Gases and Particulate Nature of Matter
Why do some things explode?

Performance Task: Particle Model & Argumentation
What happened to the stone gargoyles over time?

Chemical Magic test = TBD



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