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Lesson Plans

This week in our classroom…

Jan. 11-14





Unit 3 = Fraction Concepts/Addition/Subtraction

In this unit, the students will build on fraction concepts from previous grades to understand fractions as division.  They also use visual models to make estimates, add & subtract fractions & mixed numbers, and check the reasonableness of their answers.  Finally, students explore strategies for solving fraction-of problems.

Monday = “fraction of” problems, pt. 2

Tuesday = Unit 3 test review

Wednesday = Unit 3 test review

Thursday = Unit 3 test

Friday = NO SCHOOL!

*Your child will typically have a math assignment each day. This assignment may or may not come home as homework, depending on whether or not your child completed it at school.*

Unit 3 Test = Thurs., Jan. 14











Language Arts


*Aside from reading a minimum of 20 minutes daily outside of school, your child will typically have a reading assignment each day. This assignment may or may not come home as homework, depending on whether or not your child completed it at school.  It will be on the back side of the math assignment.*

Lesson 8 spelling test = Tues., Jan. 12
Lesson 8 reading skills test = Wed., Jan. 13







Personal Narrative

Students will be learning all of the skills necessary to write personal stories from their own experiences with dialogue, a strong lead, interesting word choice, paragraphs, and so much more!

                                       personal narrative anchor chart





Social Studies

European Explorers


In this unit, we'll focus on the reasons why the Europeans started exploring the world.  We'll study actual explorers and their contributions to our history, including the effect their exploration had on the Native Americans.

The Social Studies focus in 5th grade is history.  After our explorer unit, we’ll move on to Colonial America, American Revolution, and the new United States.  We’ll finish the year discussing the U.S. Constitution and how the “new” government in the late 1700s compares to today’s government!

European Explorers quiz = TBD













Watery Planet
Water Cycle & Earth’s Systems

water cycle

This unit helps students develop the idea that water is a profoundly important natural resource, but it’s one which requires surprising ingenuity to find and maintain.

Mystery Unit Starter = Interaction of Earth's Spheres & Modeling
The Dust Bowl Disaster

Mystery #1 = Hydrosphere & the Roles of Water
How much water is in the world?

Mystery #2 = Groundwater as a Natural Resource
When you turn on the faucet, where does the water come from?

Mystery #3 = Water Cycle
Can we make it rain?

Mystery #4 = Natural Disasters & Engineering
How can you save a town from a hurricane?

Performance Task: Interaction of Earth’s Spheres & Documentation
How can you protect a farm from the next Dust Bowl?

Watery Planet test = TBD


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