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All about second grade



Mrs. Johnson- Room 315


This is going to be an amazing year! Listed below is information to help you navigate this year. If you have any questions, please let me know.

~Mrs. Johnson

Arrival and Pick-Up: (DROP & GO SYSTEM) 

Students should not arrive at school before 8:35 as it creates a supervision problem. This translates into a safety concern. If you find it necessary for your child to arrive at school before the specified time, please drop him/her off at the East door no earlier than 8:30 at which time a supervisor is on duty. Students arriving before the first bell are to wait in the East foyer. Students arriving at school by bus will be delivered to the South (Exit A) doors of the building and go straight to class.

Students being brought to school by car:

1) Have your child ready to exit immediately onto the sidewalk.

2) Enter the pick-up line from Flutter Dr. (This is a one-way, entrance-only drive.)

3) Drive forward as far as possible and have your child exit immediately.


All bus students will depart doors on the South (Exit A) side of the building.

Students being picked up by their parents by car will exit through the art room doors on the East (Exit J) side of the building when called out by the supervisor on duty. Car pick-up MUST HAVE the child’s last name on a paper on the dash. You cannot park and walk across to pick-up. ALL cars must pick-up by entering the car line by doing the following:

1) Enter the pick-up line from Flutter Dr. (This is a one-way entrance-only drive.)

2) Have your child’s last name clearly visible on the dash until they enter the car.

3) Drive forward as far as possible and wait for your child.

*Students walking home will exit through the East doors (Exit I).

*Parents from Monarch Landing meeting their child walking home should wait at the playground fence (where the sidewalk turns east). Students will meet you there. Please remind your child to walk bikes, scooters, etc…. until inside the playground due to traffic.

Birthdays:   Your child is welcome to bring a treat to share with the class, please make sure it is something that does not need to be cut.  Just let me know ahead of time if you plan to send something in.  We will celebrate birthdays at various times, depending on our schedule for the day. Summer birthdays can be celebrated at the end of the school year or on a half-birthday.  Please remember to avoid hurt feelings, party invitations cannot be passed out at school unless the entire class is invited. 

Book Orders: I will try to send home a Scholastic book order at the beginning of most months.  This is a wonderful way to build your child’s home library and help our class at the same time.  Our class earns Bonus Points with each child’s order that I will use to buy more books and reading materials. Check out the “Book Order” tab on my website for easy online ordering instructions. (Our class gets lots of free books from online orders!) Our online ordering code is: LJHRT

Conferences:  Conferences are scheduled for October 17, 18, and February 27. You may also schedule a conference at any time during the school year if you have questions or concerns.  

The Common Core State Standards: provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them. For information about the Common Core standards, visit this website:

E-mail: I check my email each day, so this is probably the best way to contact me.  My email is You can also send me a message through our classroom account on  You can send a note or call and leave a message at school:  218-4820.  I will respond to your questions as quickly as possible, either during my plan time or after school.

iready: We will be using the Common Core version of ireasy. Parent letters will be sent out when we begin a new unit to help you understand what topics are being covered in class.

Gym: Gym (PE) is a part of our AMP rotation. Because this is a rotation, gym will not always land on the same day of the week. Students who are not in tennis shoes on gym days do not get to participate. Please refer to the AMP calendar in your child’s folder.

  • We will NOT be having homework in 1st grade.

Journeys: Our district will be using reading program this year, called Journeys.

Lunch:  We eat lunch from 11:18-11:48. 

 Money: Unfortunately, money will be asked for throughout the year for field trips, extra activities, pictures, etc.  Please send all money in an envelope with your child’s name on it.  I apologize now for the continuous asking for money.  The District does not supply art materials, food for cooking activities, or other items that are needed to enrich your child’s learning experiences.  The expenses for these items come out of the teacher’s pocket.  However, you may be asked to supply some of these items because it can get expensive buying enough for 20+ students. Thank you for your understanding!

Newsletters: Instead of a formal newsletter, I send periodic updates through Remind. Please make sure that you sign up through your email or text message.

Parties:  Parties will be planned for Fall (Oct) and Spring (Feb).  These parties will be planned by our Room Parent(s).  There will also be a Winter Party, which is usually planned by the teacher.

Questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact me at any time.  I check my email every morning and throughout the day.  I will be able to return any phone calls before/after school or during plan time.        


Phone:  316-218-4820

Read!! Children are expected to read at least 15-20 minutes each night. They can do this with an adult or by themselves. Students can choose to read to you, or to listen to someone else read to them. Reading is the most important skill your child will need to be successful!

Recess: We will have recess twice a day. Students will go outside every day weather permitting. District policy is limited recess with the wind chill is 21-35 degrees & no outside activity when the wind chill is less than 20 degrees.  Please make sure that children have the appropriate clothing especially in the winter.

Snacks: You are welcome to send a small, healthy snack to school with your student each day. If you do not send a snack, there will NOT be one provided. Please send individual snacks each day, versus sending a large box of something to last your child a week. We do not have the storage for that many snacks.

Updates: If you would like to receive frequent updates and information from me, please make sure you sign up for our class Seesaw account.

Volunteers: Be sure to fill out the volunteer sheet so that I know when you’re most available to help out. I will include special volunteer opportunities in my Remind updates.


Our classroom website:



Water Bottles: Hydration is important, especially when we are trying to learn! Water bottles are allowed in the room and will be kept back by the sink.        

You: You are your child’s first teacher and you play an extremely important role in your child’s education. You also know your child best. I hope you will feel comfortable enough to share any important information with me throughout the year so your child can have great success.

Make sure your child gets plenty of zzzzz’s each night as we have exciting days planned for this year.

~Mrs. Johnson~