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Therapy Dog


Meet Bailey - Video

Age: 3 years     Sex: Female     Weight: 78 pounds     Breed: Goldador

Greeting Bailey

The handler will share information on how to greet Bailey. The key points are as follows.

  • Approach
  • Ask
  • Pet
  • Goodbye


Bailey is under the care of Dr. Gary Skinner of Cimarron Animal Hospital. 316-686-4713


Bailey will be working in the Resource Room and around the school to provide a calm, accepting presence for individuals experiencing stress, anxiety, or inattention. Activities such as greeting students who are hesitant to join, sitting with those who are lonely, and sharing her calm nature with those overwhelmed by emotion.



Bailey’s primary place will be in the Resource Room. She will have a crate in the room with food and water nearby.


The handler will take Bailey out to the restroom, near Flutter Lane, and clean up waste as needed.


Bailey will be leashed and under the control of his handler whenever she is not crated.


Training information for staff and students will be provided to the administrator annually.


Bailey will be wiped down daily with anti-dander to reduce allergens. Parents will be notified and the nurse and classroom teacher will share any known allergies.


If students, or staff, have anxiety around dogs, the administrator and handler will be notified and those classrooms and individuals, will be avoided.


All vaccinations will be kept up to date and the records will be kept in the school office.